Why Is My Pool Water Level So Low?

Let’s Talk About Water Displacement

Many in-ground swimming pool owners will be alarmed when they remove their pool cover in the spring and wonder where did the water go? Due to the difference in the water level you may see when the pool was closed in the fall, it might look significantly less and might assume you have a leak in your pool. Alarmed, you might call the professionals in to question how did this happen, and do I have a leak in my pool?

Surprisingly the cause of the “disappearing act” might be as simple as dropping an ice cube into a glass of water, if you add enough ice and the water spills over, that is displacement. Over the winter months, the weight of the snow and ice can push down on the cover, which can cause the cover to displace some of the pool water. Displaced water will spill out onto the deck without the pool owner aware it has happened so when the cover is removed, less water will be noticed in the pool. Mesh covers are porous which allows for evaporation so you can lose water due to dryer conditions with less humidity in the winter. This is probably the least common due to the snow we get in Pennsylvania.

We try to explain that the pool usually has a solid block of ice on the cover over the months with intermittent snow build up and since you cannot prevent water displacement there are steps that can be taken.

  • Occasionally remove ice from the cover. (Be careful not to damage your cover).
  • Sweep off the snow and debris with a broom.
  • Once the ice on the cover melts, you can use a cover pump to pump the water off if you have a solid safety cover.

Red Rose Pool Service offers a Winter Pool and Cover Care Program so we can do the work stated in the above steps and includes checking that your cover is still on properly. This way you can stay warm and cozy inside!

In the spring once your cover is removed and your water level is low or appears to have been displaced Red Rose Pool Service recommends you do the following:

Refill the pool to mid skimmer, wait a period of 36 to 48 hours. If your water level drops again then you may have a leak and can call Red Rose Pool Service to schedule a service call. If your water level has maintained itself, then your pool has experienced nothing more than winter water displacement.

For your winter pool and cover care keep in mind that Red Rose Pool Service offers a Winter Pool and Cover Care Contract so we can do the work and you can stay warm and cozy inside!

Please contact us with any questions you have at 717-295-7000, use our Live Chat feature, or email us at service@redrosepoolservice.com