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  • In ground swimming pool service
  • Pool cleaning service
  • Vinyl liner replacements
  • Renovation on concrete pools
  • Coping & Tile Repair



  • Diamond Brite
  • Leak Detection
  • Water analysis
  • Painting
  • Caulk & Crack Repair


  • Trees / Shrubs
  • Roof Lines
  • Ground Work
  • Garland & Wreaths

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  • Pool & Spa Chemicals
  • Pumps & Filters
  • Maintenance Equipment
  • Commercial Corner and much more

The swimming pool is probably the only place in the house where the whole family can relax. It can sometimes become a major source of entertainment and fun for family and friends. Thus, it is important for you to understand that pools need to be kept clean and healthy all the time.
If you have a swimming pool at your house and it is not in good condition or if you are looking forward to getting a major makeover of your pool then you have the perfect partner for all of your swimming pool needs. We provide comprehensive swimming pool cleaning, maintenance and repair service in Lancaster County, PA.
We at RED ROSE POOL SERVICE offer both residential and commercial pool cleaning services and you can easily contact us with your needs. We supply complete swimming pool accessories, pool parts, pool chemicals in Lancaster, PA. Come and explore the best pool supplies store in Lancaster County, PA. We stock  all of the top line chemicals, cleaning supplies & accessories


WORLD-CLASS swimming pool service and repair in Lancaster County, PA


Our team consists of experienced swimming pool service professionals that will provide you with best service from the start of every job through to the clean up after the service has been completed. We aim to attain full customer satisfaction. It is for this reason that Red Rose Pool service, LLC is known as the best swimming pool cleaners in Lancaster County, PA.
Anything you need, whether it is pool cleaning service or renovation, we can meet all of your needs with our complete line of swimming pool services. Make sure to get in touch with us if you’re in need of swimming pool service Lancaster County, PA.