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Your company takes the hassle out of pool ownership and makes it fun.
Trust me when I say, "Red Rose is heads above the rest and, one call to them is all you need."G.Ramsey, Chief Engineer



Red Rose Pool Service LLC is located at 1405 Vermont Ave., Lancaster, PA.

SWIMMING POOL SUPPLIES STORE – RETAIL – Complete line of pool and spa chemicals; maintenance accessories i.e. brushes, poles, nets, thermometers, etc.; inflatables, toys, and games and much more! BUY TODAY….NATURAL CHEMISTRY PRODUCTS!


Did You Check In?


Free Water Testing

Come in for a free water test which now includes testing for phosphates!   Phosphates are food for algae and eliminating them from your pool water will keep your pool ALGAE FREE!  We guarantee it!

Sta-Rite Max E Pro and Pentair SuperFlo Pumps.  Intellichlor chlorine generators.  Pentair Intelliflo pump with SVRS.  Sta-Rite Max E Therm heaters.  Pentair automatic pool cleaners.  Sta-Rite Modular Media Filters, Pentair Sand filters and Clean and Clear plus.

LaMotte Water Testing lab.  SunGuard pool chemicals and Natural Chemistry.  Full line of maintenance products including poles, nets, brushes, leaf rakes, and vacuum heads and hoses.  We also carry DE Powder, pool salt, and filter sand.