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Your company takes the hassle out of pool ownership and makes it fun.
Trust me when I say, "Red Rose is heads above the rest and, one call to them is all you need."G.Ramsey, Chief Engineer



I just wanted to share that our lights are fantastic! It was truly a joy to pull up at the end of a long work day to such beauty. Your team really does a great job of taking care of all the details.

Commercial Property Testimonial: The Suites at Hershey, G. Ramsey, Chief Engineer

Red Rose Pool Service has been our “go to guys or gals” for several years; I personally have only been dealing with them for the past 5 years. Being the Hospitality business we understand what it takes to provide excellent customer service and Red Rose is second to none in the Pool Service industry. Anytime we experience a problem no matter how big or small, they are always there with the answers we need and the expertise it requires to assist us and get it done right the first time. Their service department is fast and efficient, orders for chemicals or supplies arrive in a timely fashion. Phone calls are friendly and professional. Trust me when I say, “Red Rose is heads above the rest and, one call to them is all you need.”


I could not ask for better service and complete pool care, from weekly maintenance to pool restoration. I will not even speak with other pool service companies. Really good people!!


We have been with Red Rose Pool Service since the beginning. Everyone who either has been on the crew to open and close the pool or that employee who comes every week to do the cleaning and chemicals has been a delight. Joe Finneran was like family and since he is no longer out in the field, we have a new awesome person, Bob Axe. He is doing a wonderful job. All of your employees take great care in doing the best job and leaving the area spotless. Your company takes the hassle out of pool ownership and makes it fun.

Holiday Lighting – Jim

Would I and have I recommended Red Rose Pool Service to do my holiday lighting? – in a New York minute.

Within a day of contacting Red Rose Pool Service, I had a written estimate for the holiday lighting of my house. One day later a team of lighting specialists, with the proficiency of a finely tuned Swiss watch, were transforming my property into an HGTV, magazine material holiday showplace. What Vincent Van Gogh did with paint brush and oil in “Starry Night”, Red Rose Pool Service accomplished in my trees and shrubbery with light.

I smile as I turn the corner of my street and see the scintillating display of light artistry surrounding my home.

As for Holiday Lighting – Eat your heart out Longwood Gardens!

Ian Schouten, VP Chairman of Pool & Grounds

On behalf of the Woodridge swim club I would like to thank you for recommending and installing the Pentair chlorinator. These are challenging times, especially for a private swim club like Woodridge. Balancing our budget is difficult.

After installing the system we quickly realized how easy it is to use. We are currently spending under $200 a week on chlorine for our 300,000 plus gallon pool. We have spent as much as $12,000 a season on chlorine, that’s a $9,000 savings per year. Once again thanks to everyone at Red Rose Pool service for leading us to this decision. It sounded too good to be true but it really is that good!!!!!!!