DUCK! How to discourage ‘FOUL FRIENDS’ from visiting your pool

Living in beautiful Lancaster County, PA provides us with four separate seasons of weather. Its springtime now and swimming pool opening season is here! In addition to the lush green grass and daffodils popping up everywhere, our fine feathered friends are also “busy” mating, laying eggs and cleaning out their nests. Many times that involves your swimming pool. Birds will deposit their waste and nest material around or in your pool to ward off predators. Momma ducks sometimes use your swimming pool for her ducklings’ first swimming lesson. This is not very sanitary or safe for you or them.

More than once I’ve had a Mother Mallard duck flying directly at me like a 747 while cleaning the swimming pool. I didn’t realize that I was “too close” to her nearby nest perched in the tall grasses around the pool. QUACK! That explains the term “DUCK” I suppose?

There are some simple solutions to help avoid these ‘foul friends’ from using your swimming pool or deck as a landing place. While we can’t guarantee unwanted guests, we have had good feedback from our customers who gave this a try.

1) Purchase plastic owls and snakes and place them strategically around your yard. You may want to inform the other family members so no one gets…uh…surprised.
2) Keep your pool covered with a solar blanket when it’s not in use. If you receive “droppings” gifted on top of the cover, remember to clean the cover before putting it back on the pool. We’ve got cover cleaner in-stock!!
3) Try one of our friendly floating penguins or dolphins in your pool. Just the movement in the water will distract visitors.

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